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Property CGI: selling the dream as well as the development

The top names in property development know they’re not selling a house. They’re selling the dream of living in a house. Property CGIs are a tool that helps you do exactly that.

The right CGIs make a powerful first impression on potential buyers. They start forging a connection between the buyer and the dream you’re selling from the initial glance onward.

The old cliche says a picture is worth a thousand words. But property CGIs are more than just pretty images you feature in your marketing package.

Architectural visualisations like this help you tell a story. They sell the dream of what living in the homes you build will be like before you even break ground:

exterior cgi of exeter passivhaus development showing the street

Vibrant property CGIs help you sell your vision

Every element of your property brochure and every design choice you make on your website should build a cohesive vision of the dream you’re selling and the story you’re telling.

Property CGIs help you “show” not “tell” people about your vision.

Of course, they’re aesthetically pleasing. But it’s really about creating that all-inclusive vision that will help your development stay at the forefront of buyers’ minds.

Let’s take a look at an example of how this works from a local city project. The dream this developer wanted to sell?

A story of modern, environmentally-conscious living they would deliver via a set of building standards called Passivhaus.

interior cgi of exeter passivhaus development showing the living room

What is Passivhaus?

Sometimes written “Passive House”, Passivhaus is a world-leading standard for building energy-efficient homes created in Germany a few decades ago.

It’s all about using the “passive” energy acting on a house rather than “active” sources. Instead of central heating, Passivhaus buildings make use of sunshine and good ventilation, for example.

They add to this a high degree of insulation and airtightness that reduces energy consumption by up to 90%. That means hugely reduced energy bills.

They’re also much more comfortable than your typical home. The air inside is always fresh. There are no draughts or mould. It stays nice and quiet. Very little heat is ever lost.

In short, once you read about them, you have to wonder why we’re not all aiming to live in Passive homes.

Telling the story of Passivhaus via architectural visualisation

You can also see that, while this all sounds good on paper, it might be difficult for a potential buyer to imagine how it would feel in reality.

Step forward property CGIs. The natural-looking, realistic visualisations we create showcase the sort of lifestyle buyers can expect when living in the homes you build.

In this case, this meant emphasising the green nature of Passivhaus properties and the materials - often from the circular economy - that go into their construction.

Wooden floors. Lots of natural light. Plants and trees and other growing things in the angle of shot. It all adds up to not only a great aesthetic but also a strong and cohesive story that buyers are being told across:

  • Interior and exterior visualisations of the homes you’re building

  • Informative, high-quality property brochures featuring those visualisations

  • Concept boards and branding

  • Immersive tours and animations

  • A website and other digital and social media content

Consistent, impactful storytelling

In branding, consistency is key. The same is true of all the marketing you use to sell your development. Having a story helps you maintain that consistency. 

Property CGIs are perhaps the most powerful tool in your arsenal for selling the dream of living in homes that you haven’t yet built.

You can use them across the marketing package you’re building for your development. To create a highly impactful property brochure and also to build the kind of engaging online presence that helps reinforce the story you’re telling.

Want to create compelling architectural visualisations for your latest development?

We’ve helped developers across the southwest and beyond create compelling marketing that sells the dream of the homes they’re building.

Reach out to us today to discuss your forthcoming development and the story you want to tell with it.

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