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Property Brochures

Welcome to Archilime's dedicated "Property Brochures" page, where we seamlessly blend artistic finesse and strategic design to elevate your property marketing sales. In the dynamic landscape of the property industry, a well-crafted brochure is a beacon that guides potential buyers through the process of your development marketing. Aimed at property developers, estate agents and real estate professionals we offer support with property brochure design, particularly in the regions of Devon, Cornwall and Bristol where rural and coast design matters.

Here, we delve into the significance of a property brochure, exploring how it serves as a powerful marketing tool for showcasing proposed properties and influencing buyer decisions. Whether you are immersed in property development, marketing, or sales, this page is your compass for unlocking the full potential of property brochures in Devon and beyond. Navigate the art and strategy of designing brochures that not only captivate but also drive the success of your property scheme.


Property Brochure Design




As you embark on the journey of property development it's crucial to recognise the subtle cues that indicate the necessity for well-designed property brochures.


When conveying the essence of your proposed properties becomes a challenge or when bridging the gap between vision and reality seems difficult, it's time to consider the impactful role of brochures.


Tip: Watch for instances where your marketing material falls short in translating the unique features and selling points of your developments.

If conveying the lifestyle, architectural nuances, and distinctiveness of your projects becomes a complex task, property brochures can be the transformative solution.

These brochures not only serve as accurate representations but also act as persuasive tools, influencing potential buyers and stakeholders, by gaining their trust.

Explore the potential of bespoke brochure design to seamlessly align your scheme with the aspirations of your target audience, ultimately enhancing the marketability of your properties in the local landscape.

Within the property brochure for a proposed development, several key elements can be strategically highlighted to captivate potential buyers and convey the unique essence of the project:

Richmond Grove Brochure_v69_edited.jpg
  1. Architectural Visualisation: Showcase detailed CGI's of the proposed development, providing a visual preview of the architectural design, exteriors, interiors and landscaping. This allows potential buyers to envision the final product with clarity.

  2. Floor Plans: Include well-designed floor plans to offer a comprehensive understanding of the spatial layout and functionality of each unit. This helps potential buyers visualise the flow of living spaces.

  3. Location Highlights: Provide information about the development's location, emphasising proximity to amenities, schools, parks, and other points of interest. Include maps and visuals that convey the neighbourhood's charm.

  4. Unique Selling Points (USPs): Clearly articulate the distinctive features that set the development apart from others. Whether it's eco-friendly initiatives, innovative design concepts, or exclusive amenities, emphasise what makes the project exceptional.

  5. Developer's Vision: Share the developer's vision and philosophy behind the project. This adds a personal touch, allowing potential buyers to connect with the values driving the development.

  6. Photography: High-quality photos of the surrounding landscape, local attractions, and lifestyle scenes contribute to the overall narrative, offering a glimpse into the lifestyle that comes with investing in the proposed development.

  7. Contact Information: Ensure that contact details for inquiries, site visits, and further information are prominently displayed. Make it easy for potential buyers to take the next steps in their decision-making process.

By incorporating these elements into the property brochure, you create a comprehensive and visually engaging document that not only informs but also inspires confidence and excitement in potential buyers which can be uploaded to your website.

We understand that a successful property brochure is a blend of well-designed material and informative details are key. As part of our comprehensive offering, we excel in producing detailed and aesthetically pleasing floor plans.


Our floor plans are strategically designed to align seamlessly with the overall style and theme of your brochure, ensuring a cohesive and visually engaging representation of your project.

By entrusting the floor plans to our design team, you can be confident that every aspect of your property marketing package will work in tandem, offering potential buyers a holistic and compelling preview of the distinctive lifestyle your development has to offer.

we recognise the integral role that site plans and location maps play in the comprehensive presentation of a proposed development. In addition to crafting CGI and detailed floor plans, our expertise extends to producing site plans and location maps that can integrate with the overall style of your property brochure.


Our site plans provide a bird's-eye view, highlighting the spatial layout, green spaces, and amenities of your development.

Complementing this, our location maps showcase the strategic positioning of your project within the broader community, emphasising proximity to schools, parks, and other key features.


By entrusting us with both CGI renders and these essential cartographic elements, you ensure a cohesive and visually appealing brochure that offers potential buyers a complete and immersive understanding of your development's unique charm and strategic location.

Fancy seeing some examples?

Get in touch with us today and request our portfolio to see all the variety of brochure designs we have produced for our clients

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