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Palm Springs

Produced here, was a very high-quality project for a private development in Palm Springs, California, featuring top-notch exterior and interior CGI's and a meticulously detailed animation. Our collaboration with Nvidia, Chaos, Koto, and Lenovo proved to be a successful team effort.


Visualisation, Film, Animation




0003-21AA Chaos Group_ SittingroomView02 - REV01.jpg

At Archilime Collective, we have a diverse portfolio showcasing our expertise in designing and marketing properties. 

Our team of skilled professionals is equipped to provide high-quality visualisation and design services for properties of all types, from residential to commercial.

By rendering our animation using SketchUp and V-Ray, we demonstrate that exceptional quality is maintained as we produce a cinematic portrayal of the development, with a particular focus on how the sun's path greatly influences the film's visual impact.

We will provide storyboards and conduct workshops to effectively convey our ideas while actively listening to the client's brief, ensuring collaborative meetings help us achieve the desired output.

Interior visualisation

The importance of interior CGI for marketing is crucial as it allows potential buyers to envision the space, providing a tangible sense of the property's appeal. For instance, a beautifully rendered interior CGI can showcase a luxurious living room with exquisite furnishings and stunning decor, effectively enticing potential customers by offering a realistic glimpse of the property's potential.

Portfolio brochure

Dive into the depths of creativity by exploring our extensive portfolio brochure below. View our collection of our bespoke design and marketing packages, meticulously crafted for our valued clients. Each piece is a testament to the seamless blend of visualisation and design, tailored to meet the unique needs and aspirations of our clients. 

Think we can help?

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