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The Penarvor is an exclusive development of 10 luxury apartments in this stunning location of Bude. All apartments benefit from the south-facing sea views with private balconies and terraces. They have been designed to ‘wow’, but also be practical.


Visualisation, Branding, Brochure, Floor plans, Site plan, Web, Virtual Tour, Location film


PGR Property Developments



716 - 20 Penarvor_ Bude_ EXTERIOR_ TerraceView_ Scene02 - REV01.jpg

The benefits of exterior CGI extend to terrace CGI's, which can be equally or even more powerful when they effectively convey the value of the view that potential buyers could enjoy from their windows, significantly enhancing the property's appeal.

Utilising a professional drone team enables us to capture the precise views necessary to effectively market the development, particularly when the view itself is a compelling selling point.


Development branding

Our property development CGI's are meticulously crafted to highlight the most exceptional aspects of your development, enabling potential buyers to envision the full potential of your property long before it's constructed. We employ cutting-edge software and techniques to produce captivating, lifelike 3D visualisations that breathe life into your property.

We offer a comprehensive suite of design and digital marketing services catered to property developers aiming to sell off-plan. Our portfolio serves as a testament to our proficiency in crafting architectural visualisation, branding, and marketing strategies tailored specifically for property developments.

Our team of professionals work closely with our clients to understand their needs and create tailored solutions that help them sell their properties faster and more effectively.


Designing and building a simple yet stylish website that consolidates all marketing materials offers the benefits of convenience for potential buyers and a cohesive online presence that enhances your property's visibility and accessibility.

Crafting a luxurious brochure that seamlessly aligns with your development elevates the property's perceived value and leaves a lasting impression on potential buyers.

We produced a location film of the development, which was prominently featured on the website. Additionally, we created an aerial CGI and seamlessly integrated it into the location film, resulting in a cinematic presentation that vividly captures the aspirational lifestyle the ideal buyer envisions.

We conducted on-site visits, coordinated the drone team, and meticulously ensured that the shots were perfectly aligned with the desired time of day and precise positioning for our project.

Tip: Incorporate virtual tours into your marketing package to enhance your website's appeal and engage potential buyers with immersive property exploration.

Virtual tours in marketing provide the advantage of showcasing proposed properties that might otherwise go unnoticed, capturing potential buyers' attention and interest in previously unseen opportunities.

Portfolio brochure

Discover the complete visual and creative transformation of the Penarvor project by downloading our brochure below. View the collection of visualisation, design, and branding.  Download now to experience the full essence of our work.

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