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Feedback Stages & Terms and Conditions

Feedback Stages

At Archilime, we strive to provide a seamless project experience for our clients. To ensure clarity and efficiency, we have established specific terms and conditions related to project revisions and feedback. Here is a breakdown of these terms:


1. Revision Stages:

We offer three revision stages for each project order. These stages allow for refinement and improvement of the deliverables, ensuring that we meet your expectations. We have set these boundaries so we can produce our best work.

Round 1

During the first revision stage, you will have the opportunity to review the initial draft of the project deliverables. This is the first time you will see the work we have produced based on the provided brief. The primary purpose of this stage is to assess the design and provide feedback on various aspects such as assets, structure, tones, materials, and the overall feel of the architectural detail.

You can request amendments to modify specific elements or aspects that do not align with your expectations or the project requirements. We encourage you to carefully review the initial draft and provide detailed feedback regarding the changes you would like to see. This is your chance to adjust the design and ensure it aligns with your vision/drawings.

However, it’s important to note that significant deviations* from the initial brief may require a re-quote. If the requested amendments are too far from the original scope of the project, it may involve additional work or resources beyond what was initially agreed upon. In such cases, we will discuss the changes with you and provide a revised quote for your consideration. We are open to changes and understand that sometimes this is required, we shall let you know what is possible.


In instances of significant deviations, two key scenarios are identified:*

Client Adding Extra Imagery:

  • Should the client wish to incorporate additional imagery into the order, we propose implementing a transparent process for such additions, with corresponding payment added to the final monthly payment or issuing a new invoice due on the handover of the final material.

Scope Creep Due to Camera Positions:

  • To address unforeseen modelling needs arising from unclear camera positions, we reserve the flexibility to either requote or provide advice on possibilities within the agreed-upon modelling budget. This approach ensures our ability to adapt to evolving project requirements without impacting the initially agreed-upon scope. Before project commencement, we will outline our intentions (e.g., visibility of HTs A, B & C), enabling clarification as early as the first draft stage. If the client requests changes to the views (e.g., the inclusion of HT D), transparency is essential for adding corresponding modelling time to the order.


Our aim during this first revision stage is to ensure that the initial draft meets your expectations as closely as possible and aligns with the project drawings. Your feedback and input are valuable in refining the deliverables to achieve the desired outcome. Once we receive your feedback, we will move on to the next stage of revisions to incorporate the requested changes.

Round 2

During the second revision stage, we will address the amendments made based on your feedback from the first round. Our goal is to ensure that the revisions align with your preferences and meet the requirements outlined in the project brief.

At this stage, we carefully review the initial amendments and make any necessary adjustments to further refine the material. We understand that even with the initial changes implemented, there may still be minor adjustments needed to achieve the desired outcome. We are committed to working closely with you to ensure that these refinements are made in line with the overall direction of the project.

During this stage, it is important to maintain a clear line of communication. We encourage you to provide specific feedback and clarify any further adjustments required. Your input and guidance are crucial in achieving the desired result. We will collaborate closely with you to ensure that the final deliverables reflect your vision and meet your expectations.

While most of the amendments are typically addressed during this stage, we understand that there may still be some minor adjustments required to fine-tune the environment. As long as these adjustments remain within the flow and direction of the original project brief, we are committed to making the necessary refinements to ensure your satisfaction, without discussing further fees.

Once the revisions from the second stage are completed and approved by you, we will proceed to the final revision stage, where we will address any remaining feedback and finalise the deliverables.

Round 3​

During the final revision stage, we focus on reviewing the materials from both the first and second stages to ensure they meet your requirements and expectations. It's important to note that during this stage, we are working with the existing drawings provided at the beginning of the project. While we are prepared to apply amendments, any significant design changes require explicit agreement beforehand to avoid potential additional charges.

During this stage, it is crucial to carefully review the artwork and provide any last-minute feedback or changes. We encourage you to pay close attention to details, accuracy, and overall satisfaction with the deliverables. Once you provide your approval at this stage, it signifies that you are satisfied with the final version of the artwork, and we will proceed with the necessary preparations for handover.

It is important to note that once approval is given and we move forward with the final stages, it is not possible to revisit previous steps without incurring additional charges. This policy ensures that we can maintain the project’s timeline and allocate resources efficiently.

We understand that your satisfaction is paramount, and we strive to address any concerns or incorporate any necessary adjustments during the revision stages. However, once the final approval is provided, we ask that you have confidence in the artwork and refrain from requesting significant changes that deviate from the approved version.

We appreciate your understanding of this process, as it allows us to maintain project efficiency and deliver the final product within the agreed-upon timeframe. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with the project, and we are available to address any questions or concerns you may have during this final stage of review and approval.

2. Reverting to Previous Edits:

Once a revision stage is completed, it is not possible to revert back to previous edits without incurring an additional fee. We encourage clients to carefully consider their feedback during each stage to avoid unnecessary work. We understand that a previous amendment may have been already made, but in that set of circumstances, the most recent amendment must be chargeable.

3. Feedback Periods:

We assume a standard feedback period of 48 hours for each revision stage but we will ask clients for their preferences beforehand. This timeframe is accounted for in the proposed delivery dates. If you require a longer feedback period, please inform us of your preferred duration, and we will accommodate it accordingly. See more in our Terms and Conditions below.

4. Gathering Team Feedback:

Archilime requires one designated person to act as the liaison for feedback when collaborating with a group or board of stakeholders. This individual must have the authority to sign off on drafts and consolidate feedback from the group. It is not Archilime's duty to prioritise feedback from groups or boards of stakeholders. This approach ensures that the wider goals of the imagery are met from the group's perspective.

In the event that a project manager is identified as having to manage various stakeholders, we retain the right to:

  • (a) temporarily suspend the project until we are assured that the feedback aligns with the collective interests of all involved parties, and

  • (b) seek compensation for the time dedicated to administrative management tasks.

5. Minimum Amendment Charge: Please note that any amendments made to the project will incur a minimum charge of 1 hour. This ensures that we allocate the necessary resources to incorporate your requested changes effectively.

By adhering to these terms and conditions, we can maintain a streamlined project workflow and deliver high-quality results within the proposed timelines. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in following these guidelines. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We are here to assist you throughout the project journey.

Terms & Conditions of appointment

Allocation and Delivery

Provided that all necessary CAD and PDF information, design briefs, film briefs, interior specifications, interior design precedent images, exterior finishes, and/or proposed landscape plans have been supplied and the project is ready to commence, our team usually requires a lead-in time of 1 week (time to gather information), followed by an estimated turnaround period which will be confirmed once an order is agreed, subject to feedback. 

Due to our consistently high workload, the expiration date of our proposals is set at 7 days from the date of receipt and may be subject to adjustment if other projects become active during that time. 

If these time frames are not feasible for your requirements, please inform us, and we will make an effort to accommodate your needs wherever possible. It is important to note that adhering to these preferred time frames ensures the quality and level of service we strive to deliver for you and your project.


We will utilise time logs to monitor the progress of your project, ensuring that we adhere to the agreed timelines. Your project will be in the capable hands of our experienced Account Manager, who will handle all operational logistics. They will strive to deliver each service to the best of our ability, ensuring smooth progress and meeting your delivery dates. Your Account/Project Manager will serve as your primary point of contact for any project-related inquiries and will have up-to-date knowledge about the progress of your project. If you have any queries or uncertainties, we are here to assist you and provide reassurance regarding the status of each project.

We make diligent efforts to complete the work within the agreed turnaround time. However, achieving this is dependent on receiving timely client feedback. Each draft revision will have a designated feedback period of 48 hours - if you and your team need longer, please let us know so we can adjust the timelines accordingly. There are two rounds of amendments and a final round of proof confirmation given before charges apply at £60 per hour for CGI project work and £75 per hour for design work.  Please note that if any of the following situations occur, we reserve the right to pause your project to fill operational time and avoid financial loss: failure to provide feedback, cessation of communication between yourself and the account manager/project manager, or pending vital project information that hinders progress. We will provide a two-week window before conducting a project status review. If your project goes on hold, these restart periods will be in two-week increments.

Design work, such as branding, brochure creation, and web concept development, includes two rounds of amendments. After these rounds, our hourly rate for design work will be charged at £75ph.

To secure your booking with us, we kindly request a deposit fee along with all the required information as requested by the account manager. The project cannot commence without this booking fee and the necessary information, as this ensures the project receives the time it deserves. Upon introduction, your Account Manager will guide you through this stage and provide an information checklist. Film and photography briefs, if applicable, will also be provided.

The final payment will be required upon project completion before any final file types are issued as a handover. This ensures that all artwork licenses are properly paid for.

Please note that you will always receive final watermarked drafts for your approval across any service we offer before the final stage invoice is issued. These watermarked drafts are intended for in-office use only and should not be used in your marketing or social campaigns. They should not be shared until they are complete. We implement this measure solely to protect the quality of your project. Additionally, no artwork produced by Archilime should be edited or manipulated in any way without written permission from the Head of the Department. This means that our artwork, including film deliverables, cannot be repurposed through social media if edited externally.

For marketing materials intended for printing, we can obtain print quotes and manage the printing process on your behalf. This includes setting up the file for print and coordinating with printers for delivery to your specified address. Written approval will be required to sign off on the final artwork. It remains your responsibility to review the information for accuracy and approve the final version. If an error is discovered after printing, the cost of reprinting will not be covered.

Website design sign-off will be required before the build phase. While images and text can be amended within the agreed number of revisions, changes to functionality and structure cannot be made after approval. If additional work needs to be carried out on the website after the handover, it will be quoted at an hourly rate of £75 if not covered within a web maintenance contract. Monthly maintenance and hosting arrangements will be agreed upon during the proposal stage, and we require a standing order to be set up on the project's go-live date.


All still images will be rendered to high-quality files with a resolution of 5000xres. If you require higher resolutions, please inform us before final confirmation.

By default, all still images will have a ratio of 16:9 unless otherwise requested.

For animations, they will be rendered to high-quality 4k resolution or lower, depending on the project’s purpose and platform. If you require a higher preset resolution or a customized resolution, please let us know before the final rendering stage.

By default, all animations will have a ratio of 16:9 unless otherwise requested.

Still, images will be provided in JPEG, PNG, and PDF formats. If higher-quality files are required, we can issue TIFF file types. If you need a resolution greater than 5000 res at 300PDi, please inform us before we start the final rendering process, as increasing the size may compromise the quality of the pixels. We cannot be held responsible for poor printing quality if the required size exceeds the mentioned specifications and the imagery appears pixelated. When providing photography, it must be checked to ensure it meets our project requirements. Please consult your account manager regarding this.

If you require higher resolutions for any of your content, please inform us before final confirmation. For example, for large hoarding projects, we will need the dimensions in advance. Along with graphic design, location films, site development branding, and brochure creation, the files will consist of EPS, JPEG, PNG, PDF, and MOV/MP4 formats.

We understand that the decision to produce hoarding may come after a project, and we are happy to discuss the cost of reproducing your final images/design work at an hourly rate (design - £75, visualisation - £60).

When providing floor plans for the brochure, please ensure that the latest approved plans are supplied. Additional changes or evolutions to the plans used for the brochure will incur charges at a rate of £75 per hour. The amends included in the initial project agreement only apply to the representation of the original plans provided. Floor plan dimensions and areas must be supplied.

We will ensure that all files are compatible with the desired output types that we are aware of from the beginning and provide online support whenever possible.

Once a final draft of any sort has been issued, we kindly request that the material be reviewed carefully and collectively by the direct team. Confirmation of marketing materials is required before initiating the final process, whether it involves rendering CGI to full resolution, exporting film, rendering animation, or preparing for print in the case of design work. If approval is given and further amendments are requested after this point, additional fees may apply for rescheduling and exporting the work. Design and web-related changes are billed at an hourly rate, and a re-render fee of £360.00, plus any additional modelling time if requested, will be charged.

Termination of Contract

In the event of contract termination by either party, Archilime will bill for the project time up to that point to cover all incurred project costs. Final images will not be released until payment for these expenses has been received. If the project timeline includes specific stages, and you require certain images or products to be released at designated times, we kindly request payment for those stages upon handover to ensure you have full license usage. We will only request outstanding payments once the 50% deposit value has been utilised.

For instance, if multiple services were ordered, the client would only be able to access the equivalent of 50% of the order’s value (relative to the 50% deposit fee) without making any further payments. However, if an additional service is requested to be handed over before the completion of the entire project, the cost of that service would need to be covered in addition. We understand that meeting marketing deadlines may require releasing these work stages throughout the project, and we are open to agreeing on a staggered delivery and payment schedule based on this, if not already established upon approval of this proposal.

Licensing & Distribution

Archilime Ltd retains ownership of all content, and upon completion of the project, licensing will be granted to the client. This license allows the client to freely use the marketing content on social media, in marketing campaigns, and for distribution to other third parties. If other primary parties, such as architects, interior designers, contractors, etc., wish to publish the artwork on their websites, they must provide clear credit and a hyperlink directed back to, subject to agreement by Archilime Ltd. We reserve the right to request the removal of content if proper credit is not provided. Content cannot be edited and re-purposed by clients, agents or others.

Any content produced by Archilime Ltd cannot be resold, but it can be distributed among businesses involved in marketing and sales teams, subject to agreement between the client and Archilime Ltd.

Any publicly shared content on social media, outside of paid advertising, must be credited.

Any brochures designed by Archilime will be credited in the terms and conditions/policy section, typically on the back cover.

Any websites designed by Archilime will be credited in the footer of the website with a hyperlink to

Plot selectors or interactive site maps can only be created using Archilime CGI/Design material. No other design or visualisation material can be used within this service.

Please accept our T&C's above to move forward with your project.

Thank you! We can't wait to work with you.

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