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The Plot Selector: Changing the way we market digitally in the Property Development Industry. A plot selector for my site development.

Overview of the plot selector from above using the 360 photograph

Unveiling the Plot Selector: Changing the way we market digitally in the Property Development Industry. A plot selector for my site development.

In the ever-evolving landscape of property development, staying ahead means embracing innovation. One such groundbreaking tool that has been gaining traction in our industry is the Plot Selector. Let's delve into what it is, why it holds immense importance for property developers, the purpose it serves for potential buyers, alternative applications, and the transformative outcomes it promises.

Play the video to see how it's used...

What is the Plot Selector?

The Plot Selector is a sophisticated feature within property development apps that offers a holistic view of your site development, presented through aerial maps or diagrams. It empowers users, particularly property developers, to interact with and select specific plots seamlessly. Within these selected plots, a wealth of multimedia resources awaits, ranging from interior and exterior CGI to brochures, location films, animations, site plans, and floor plans. This tool takes visualisation and decision-making to new heights, providing a comprehensive understanding of potential development spaces.

having key interest points of local areas on the map

Why is it Important to Property Developers and estate agents?

For property developers and estate agents, the Plot Selector is a game-changer. It streamlines the plot selection process, enabling developers to make well-informed decisions efficiently. The tool allows for an in-depth exploration of available plots, helping developers assess various options quickly and effectively. With features like virtual tours, it enhances the presentation of properties, making it an invaluable asset for marketing and promoting developments.

What purpose does it serve to potential buyers?

Potential buyers stand to gain significantly from the Plot Selector. It offers a visual and interactive platform for exploring available plots, making the decision-making process more engaging and informed. Buyers can access detailed information within each selected plot, from CGI representations to floor plans, empowering them to assess the property's potential before committing. Virtual tours further elevate the buyer's experience, providing a realistic preview of the property without a physical visit.

featuring an interior CGI within the virtual tour

How else could It be used?

Beyond its primary application in property development, the Plot Selector holds potential for various other uses. Architectural design agencies can leverage it to showcase their work effectively, using CGI and visualisations to market their designs. Additionally, urban planners could utilise the tool to visualise and plan community developments, incorporating features like green spaces, amenities, and infrastructure.

zoom in on a selected plot to highlight where we click

What is the outcome?

The outcome of integrating the Plot Selector into property development processes is a more streamlined, efficient, and satisfying experience for all stakeholders. Developers can make informed decisions, market their properties effectively, and manage data seamlessly. Buyers benefit from an immersive exploration of potential homes, saving time and effort. The tool's adaptability opens doors to broader applications, promising a future where visualisations play a pivotal role in various aspects of design, development, and planning.

In conclusion, the Plot Selector is not just a tool; it's a catalyst for positive change in the property development landscape. Its ability to enhance decision-making, engage potential buyers and extend its utility beyond conventional uses positions it as a cornerstone for the future of real estate development.

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