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Interior CGIs for my property development

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Interior CGI of an open plan living space


If you want to sell properties off-plan, interior architectural CGIs are going to be a key part of your marketing package. Interior CGIs for my property development.

That’s because they play a vital role in helping you showcase the lifestyle your development is going to offer potential buyers.

They illustrate the interiors. They show off the views. They make it easy for your buyers to imagine themselves actually living there. Especially when your CGIs are designed to evoke a carefully chosen mood, like ours are.

You can also use your interior CGIs to target specific audiences, further enhancing your ability to sell to them. All in all, they’re both one of the foundations of a successful marketing package and a highly effective tool within them.

Interior visualisation of a kitchen space showing the views out of the windows


A written description and architectural plan are only going to get you so far when it comes to selling your properties off-plan.

For the best results, you want your potential buyer to be able to picture how it will actually feel to stand in that room. The easier you can make this mind’s eye journey, the better.

Interior CGIs show the space visualised. There’s no need for your potential buyer to imagine how it might look because it’s right there on the page in front of them. Right down to the individual choices of furniture and interior design if that’s the way you’ve chosen to go.

Interior bedroom CGI showing all the design scheme


Use architectural CGIs to display how well your property interiors hit the key pain points of each buyer persona you’re targeting. Consider your target audience for this development. Are these family homes you’re building? Are they luxury apartments?

Because we have such control over the composition of each shot, we can make a property or space showcase a certain look and even arouse certain emotions or feelings.

You can show how this is a safe and wholesome family home. You can highlight those little luxuries that set this property apart from others your buyers might be considering. Whatever “feel” will appeal to your audience segment.

You can also draw attention to key features. Do the surrounding views inspire awe? Perfect. Because the views from the windows of your interior CGI will be the actual views your buyer would see if they were standing in the room.

Will those windows let in a lot of natural light? Excellent. We’ll be able to show just how airy and spacious that will make the room feel.

open floor plan showing interior CGi of netherfields development


From a design perspective, interior architectural CGIs will almost always be a key element of the marketing package we create for you. They’re a key visual element of your brochure and website, for example.

The CGIs we create for you can be purely illustrative. Or they can show the actual interior design of your property, right down to the individual models of light fittings, furniture, and appliances.

The process we’ve developed to create them works like this:

  1. Questionnaire – we’ll start by asking you how you perceive the space and what you feel drives its appeal.

  2. Concept boards – analysing what you’ve told us about your preferences, goals, and the properties you’re building, we’ll create some concept boards of what we’re envisioning.

  3. Moodboards – these include things like colour palettes, material textures, and other inspiration we may build into the design.

  4. Model lists – we’ll populate a model list of fixtures and furniture we’ll be using to illustrate the space. This list can become a key part of your interior design process. Or it can be created as we design your interiors with you.

  5. Implantation into the modelled space – finally, we implant all of those elements into the modelled space.

Small living space for an apartment in Cornwall


Start your journey to selling off-plan by creating evocative, appealing CGIs of your properties’ interiors that target specific sections of your audience.

Armed with our visualisation team’s ability to create incredibly realistic, compelling visualisations of the interior spaces of properties that don’t as yet exist, you can showcase the lifestyle your development offers potential buyers.

And with our interior architectural CGIs, you can do so in a way that conjures up the kinds of thoughts and feelings that can inspire a potential buyer to go ahead and make that purchase.

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