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Using exterior CGIs to sell off-plan

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

exterior CGi of a barn conversion in cornwall


If the new homes you intend to build don’t physically exist just yet, exterior CGIs are a key part of attracting potential buyers and inspiring them to buy off-plan.

Ideal for both planning and marketing purposes, they show every aspect of your development. And they do so accurately. We’ve built trusted relationships with all of the landscape architects we work with because – thanks to our architectural backgrounds – we understand how 2D drawings should look in 3D and can be millimetre-perfect in terms of topography. Using exterior CGIs to sell off-plan.

This is the kind of visual medium that will sell much better than 2D technical drawings can. Architectural visualisations make it much easier for potential buyers to visualise what the homes you’re building will actually look like.

Combined with the rest of the property marketing suite we create for your site development, they let you start potential buyers on their sales journey well before the first brick has been laid.

an exterior CGI for a planning application in Devon that shows the access view


Selling off-plan is the dream for most property developers. Exterior CGIs are your number one resource for doing just that.

Because architectural drawings can help. But they’re pretty dry – and it’s a very rare person who will form the same emotional connection with a plan as they will an image of a space. Equally, you can’t take a photo of homes that aren’t built yet.

Exterior CGIs fill that gap. In combination with your interior CGIs, location film, and virtual tours, potential buyers don’t need your homes to actually exist to get a very true and accurate sense of what living in one of them will be like.

Those live samples can come later in the post to solidify that sale even more.

A seaview exterior CGi showing the landscaping and garden


See your planned homes in photorealistic 3D. More importantly, let potential buyers see them in a brilliant light. Because in some ways, the view of your development your buyers will get from your architectural CGIs is better than a photograph.

For a start, you can control the exact outcome. There’s no need to worry about the weather. You don’t need to acquire props, hire a camera crew and equipment – you don’t even need the building itself.

This all makes architectural visualisation a fantastic way to minimise the cost, time and logistics a project calls for.

Plus, these CGIs are accurate. They’re built according to your actual floor plans. The correct elevations and proposed topography. They even feature the materials you’ve chosen for construction, props, and other items in full photorealism.

A small cabin in the woods showing an exterior CGI build


The process we use for creating architectural CGIs involves our entire in-house team. That includes CG artists as well as, uniquely for Archilime, a landscape specialist who can create accurate, realistic foliage – the exact shrubs your landscape architect has chosen, for example – and topography.

This puts us a little ahead of the game when it comes to creating natural-looking, compelling architectural CGIs.

As does our process, which includes:

  1. Full information review – we ask you to send us the signed off and confirmed floor plans, site map, elevations, landscape or hardscaping schedule, proposed typography and materials specification.

  2. Bespoke project proposals – is there a particular house type from this development that you want to focus on? Are there key features like travel connections or green space? Each project is bespoke, so we can highlight any aspect.

  3. View examples personally – once our artists have used this information to start constructing the spaces, you can receive a first draft pack of CGIs before we move onto the modelling process.

an aerial CGI photomontage of salcombe showing the distillery to apartments build


On top of all this, creating exterior CGIs is a flexible, cost-effective process. Because architectural CGIs are a vital part of so many other marketing materials, like your brochure or animation, they give you a great deal of value and many options.

When all of those different elements work together, they create a property marketing suite for your site development that is a powerful tool for selling off-plan.

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