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Interior design for your CGIs

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Interior design concepts to show the client the design


Okay, this one isn’t necessarily what you’d expect from a property marketing agency. But offering interior design for property developments is a logical expansion of the work our designers already did.

Because as part of the consultation to create accurate CGIs and other marketing materials, we already need to know everything about the planned specification of a home.

Where once our artists needed to employ interior design skills to create great visualisations anyway, our in-house interior design specialist can now create compelling designs that can be used both as visual inspiration for your buyers and practical tools for your build. Interior design for your CGIs.

Bringing interior design in-house made sense to us. And if you want to give potential buyers an accurate visualisation of your homes’ interiors – right down to the exact models of fixtures and fittings – and retain control of the whole interior design process, it will to you too.

Concept of interior styling to showcase ideas

interior CGI showingthe final delivery of the interior design


We started creating company and development websites for our clients for much the same reasons. Having interior design happen under the same roof keeps you in control throughout. No handing it over to an outside designer who might have completely different or contradicting ideas. No more designs that aren’t in keeping with your brand. We consult with you from the very start, making sure you can: 1. Inform us about your vision – answer our questionnaire and we’ll create concept boards for you to peruse, review, and comment on.

2. Tell us about key points and focus – do you want to create a minimalist look in a space to highlight the incredible view from the windows? Focus on key features like an original staircase, fireplace or windows? Or show how conveniently close the living room and kitchen are?

3. Save money on designers – if we’re already creating architectural CGIs of your property interiors for you, we’re already working together on the initial stages and concepts for complete interior design. Part of the work is already being done. There’s no need to pay to have it done twice.


There’s another consideration behind us hugely advancing our interior design offering. We noticed there would occasionally be times when the branding we were creating – designed using a whole range of influences from the local area and your vision – would also clash with the ideas of a later designer.

With us handling your interior design though, you can be sure it will tie in neatly with your branding concept. So your development maintains its visual identity throughout. On a basic level, this means things like colours can carry through from your branding, brochure, and more into elements of the interior design. But that’s just the start of how in-depth the process can end up being.

Interior moodboards showing the design styling

white and pale colour tone theme for interior CGI and concept board


Lots of this revolves around the answer to one important question: will you want to implement the design of your interior CGIs?

Because these images can be more in the line of illustrations of what buyers can expect. The light fittings, furniture, and so on that would look good – rather than what you actually intend to be present.

But you can go much further. We can match precise makes and models of furniture like sofas and coffee tables and other specific elements of your specification or interior design. These are images of actual items that actually exist – and that you plan to put in the homes you’re creating.

Then, once it’s time to outfit the interior of your property, you can simply consult the model list used to create your CGIs and buy the things on it.

This all means our interior design offering consists of two different packages:

1) Interior design for visualisation

This is a single-stage CGI process. It’s for you if you are working with another interior designer or want to give us free rein on the design.

We start off with a questionnaire so you can fully convey your ideas. Later, you’ll be able to review concept boards and finalise your style choices. Once you’ve confirmed that, we’ll create a list of all the 3D models we will use to showcase the interior design. This list can be a part of the agreed specification.

The process results in an initial package of CGIs with one or two rounds of amendments

2) The full interior design process

This extends the initial CGI process to include the creation of technical drawings and specifications of the interior spaces based on those images. You can add in extra specific requirements and decisions on things like finishes and fabric samples.

By the end, you’ll have the specific, practical details you need to realise the interiors of your properties. All created from those initial visualisations and tying in with your vision every step of the way.

Outcome of a CGI whilst working from a moodboard and concept board.


Your interior design might simply be an inspiring visualisation of the new homes you’re building. But it can also be the full set of technical drawings you need to realise that design in the real world, including mechanical and electrical layouts, lighting plans, furniture layouts and more.

Either way, we put you firmly in control of the process. You keep your vision for your development strong and stay true to your brand. All while saving on the need to hire in yet more designers if you don’t want to.

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