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Sales brochures for property

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

harlyn brochure design mock up

Build a brochure that sells your property

Property development brochures are a marketing classic for a reason. Yet they also require some careful thinking if you’re going to get yours right. Let us help you leverage the opportunity your brochure offers you. Together, we can create a powerful and engaging piece of marketing that will enable you to target specific audiences, showcase everything your development has to offer, and actively drive enquiries and property sales. Sales brochures for property.

Take your buyer on a journey

A good brochure takes your buyer on a journey. They put everything you have to say about your development in one very visual place. From the floor plans and CGIs to a map showing the key locations and places to visit, take your buyer with you as you sell your development and the lifestyle it will offer them.

Kingsteignton property development brochure design

Build in your brand

Your brochure is going to be all about telling a story. And the “language” – as well as the actual language – it’s going to use to tell it is all going to be part of your brand. You might have a brand already. You might be working with us to tweak yours or develop a compelling new one.

Either way, making sure your brand comes through strongly in your brochure will turn it into a much more powerful marketing tool.

Armed with your brand, we can create a brochure that is bespoke to you and your new development, highlighting your messages and telling the story you want to tell. This also keeps your whole marketing package cohesive, making it a more coherent and persuasive proposition as far as your buyers are concerned.

Harbour Hotels Tides Reach brochure design scheme

Creating unique brochures for unique properties

Each brochure is – and should be – different. We individually recommend what yours should include based on your unique development. For example, if all of your properties share the same design, we would suggest talking about the individual kitchen or living spaces within the brochure instead of each property. The process we follow for creating property development brochures works like this:

1.Questionnaire – we ask you for more information about your development, what areas are important, talk about your brand, and more.

2. Page plan – we then create a page plan which outlines the contents of the brochure.

3. Brochure concepts – we’ll present two different concepts to you, suggesting different brochure layouts and floor plans styles.

4. Content writing – we then brief our content writer with a full content package containing all the information on the project, from floor plans to site documentation and specifications.

5. Concept amendments and sign off – sign off on your preferred concept and we’ll design your brochure, leaving spaces for the CGIs and the content.

6. Draft brochures – before the CGIs are finalised, we can send you some drafts to ensure you’re completely happy with the copy and imagery used.

7. Final sign off – once your CGIs are signed off, they’re placed in the brochure. A final thorough internal check ensures everything is correct before we send you your publication-ready digital files.

Horndon fields graphic design for brochure

Have a property brochure that sells

The most effective property development brochures will always talk in the language of your brand and be carefully adapted to the unique qualities of each individual development. Create a compelling brochure that really takes your buyer on a journey into the lifestyle you’re offering them and you have one of the most powerful property sales and marketing tools ready to put on the table.

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