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Wedding venue in Bude - Case Study

Embracing new projects with unique flair excites us, a sentiment echoed when Glebe House Cottages approached us to market their proposed wedding venue in Bude, Cornwall. The transformation of an old barn into a picturesque wedding locale presented a thrilling challenge.

Interior wedding venue CGI in Bude

  • Competition in the Pre-Build Market:

  • Challenge: Competing against established venues without a physical location for clients to visit.

  • Solution: Employed CGI to visualise the venue's potential, helping to secure bookings before the completion of construction.

In collaboration with the Glebe House Cottages team, we crystallised their design vision, breathing life into it through interior and exterior CGI. These renderings not only showcased the site's potential but also demanded architectural precision, achieved by working closely with their architect and contractors. This meticulous process ensured the CGIs rivalled the quality of established venues in Devon & Cornwall.

Despite the competitive market and the inherent difficulty of securing bookings for an unbuilt venue, the CGIs played a crucial role in illustrating the venue's potential. Our case study details the collaborative efforts to produce the final exterior and interior CGIs, depicting the envisioned design and setting of the spaces.


The marketing package for our Bude wedding venue comprised both interior and exterior CGI. At this project stage, lacking photographs and measurements of the site details, the success hinged on our communication with the client, RA Rowe & Co (the architects), and Carpenter Oak, who were instrumental in designing and supplying the distinctive oak frame for the client.

  • Visualisation of Design Concepts:

  • Challenge: The difficulty in visualising the space from 2D CAD drawings and making decisions regarding layout and design.

  • Solution: Generated 3D models and facilitated real-time workshops, enabling the client to visualise and engage in selecting perspectives and angles for showcasing the project.

RA Rowe & Co provided CAD drawings, which facilitated the initial 3D modelling from 2D floor plans and elevations using SketchUp. This process, transforming CAD plans into a 3D model, offers clients their first glimpse of the project in its full form, aiding in the comprehension of layout, height, and space more effectively than 2D plans.

A critical component of our service is conducting real-time workshops, and guiding clients through the 3D model to identify key angles for capture. For the Glebe wedding venue, we explored the model with our client, selecting the best perspectives to highlight the architectural beauty. This collaborative approach not only ensures client involvement but also enhances their understanding of the space and our process.

Subsequently, we refine the spatial details, working closely with Carpenter Oak to capture the full detail of the oak frame's joinery. This attention to detail—from shadow gaps to securing pins—ensures the CGI vividly represents how the space will appear upon completion.

Ceremony room in the wedding venue


With ongoing construction, undecided elements are not seen as obstacles but as opportunities for CGI application. At Archilime, we lend our expertise in interior and exterior design, tailoring our services to meet the project's needs. Whether matching a desired style or conducting a full interior design styling, we're equipped to craft concept boards and design schemes that bring your vision to life. Our capability extends to advising on landscaping, offering bespoke solutions that complement your project's aesthetics.

  • Interior Design Conceptualisation:

  • Challenge: Converting the client's vision for a natural, rustic ambience into a concrete design concept.

  • Solution: Developed detailed concept boards after initial discussions to ensure consistency with the client's vision throughout the design process.

With an ongoing build scheme, we understand not all decisions have yet been made and finalised, but this shouldn’t be seen as a barrier to acquiring CGI’s. With interior and exterior specialists on the team, we can use our experience to suggest and help develop design schemes and styles with you. We can offer a tailor-made experience depending on what design input you may need throughout your process with us.

Exterior view of the wedding barn in Bude

Once we have had an initial discovery call with you and we are made aware of your project needs we can decide what level of input may work best for you and your project. This could vary from us matching a previous project style you have seen that you like, or carrying out a full interior design styling process for your marketing material as we understand the project may not be at the stage yet where this has been developed.

Moodboard for the ceremony room interior CGI

We can create the concept boards and design schemes to style your space. We can also design and advise on the best landscaping options for your site, whether it's a whole new scheme or working with existing planting and topographical information. We are happy to inject our expertise into the project, wherever you may feel stuck or in need of some assistance or input and we can have the conversation to decide what would be the best fit for you! 


  • Lack of a Landscaping Scheme:

  • Challenge: No landscaping team appointed or existing planting scheme for the exterior CGI.

  • Solution: Created an inspired landscape design concept that can inform future landscaping decisions.

Exterior upper view of the barns for the wedding venue

For the Bude venue, the absence of a landscaping team and scheme meant starting from scratch. However, our exterior CGI expert, James, developed a stunning landscaped design inspired by basic topography and the client's vision, setting a foundation for future development.

The interior design followed a similar path, with the client's ideas forming the basis of our concept boards. These boards ensured alignment on the design style throughout the project, culminating in CGI that allows potential clients to envision their events in the space.

Communication is the linchpin of successful projects, enabling efficient turnaround and CGIs that faithfully represent the envisioned spaces.


Considering a project that's not yet photogenic for marketing? Remember, while descriptions can capture the imagination, visuals are paramount for potential clients to see themselves in the space. Let us simplify your marketing journey, even before the first brick is laid. Discover how we can assist in marketing your venue or project—enquire now to explore the possibilities.

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