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Product CGIs for my business

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Exterior product CGI showing cladding terrace

In a recent project, we have truly seen the benefit of using product visualisation over photography. We partnered with Cladco, leading suppliers of composite decking within the UK. They came to us asking us to help them produce visualisations to market their products.

More often, we are visualising architecture, but the 3D process is the same, but with complete control of lighting, weather, landscapes and props.

The process was to create an exact representation of the products by taking studio photos to observe its qualities – the abrasiveness, smoothness and colour. Armed with this information we set to work making 3D models of each board type. Product CGIs for my business.

Cladco material study on the terrace as a product CGI.

The fun begins when we start to come up with ideas for the different environments for them to sit within, we had 6 different types, so relished the opportunity of creating 6 different spaces to ‘shoot’ them in. This ranged from outdoor areas with a seaview to a cityscape seen from a contemporary balcony.

Close up details of the decking are brought to life framed by stylish ‘props’ setting the scene, the placement of these models, be it a metallic coffee table, comfortable outdoor furniture or pool-side loungers allow for the details of light and shadow. The quality and durability of the product shown through the different uses, selling the lifestyle that is offered alongside.

Creating real-life foliage and landscaping is not a problem for us – this is an area we excel in, and what sets the quality of CGIs apart.

So what is the benefit of product visualisation over photography?

Not only can you control the exact outcome with photo-realistic results – the cost, time and logistics can be minimised. There is no need for sourcing and hiring spaces, set building, obtaining props, camera equipment and crew – and the weather!

The post production also allows for textures and colours to be edited, meaning the scope for creating additional visualisations is very cost-effective, allowing for the possibility of building customisable ‘build-your-own’ type visualisation tools.

Product CGi of the decking showing the wood grain

Product visualisation is the way forward as a cost-effective and flexible solution for many businesses, in a time when restrictions may limit activity. Aside from this, it offers high quality, photo realistic CGIs where the sky’s the limit – the ‘ideal’ space for marketing the product can be visualised.

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