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CGI's for planning applications in Devon

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Aerial CGi of a project in Devon showing the site context

The majority of successful property development planning applications now include a 3D photo montage of the proposed development in situ. Less than five years ago when Archilime started out, it was only the higher-end developments that would approach us to commission this kind of detailed photo real imagery at the planning stage, now everyone’s at it! What used to be considered “nice to have” for a planning application is increasingly viewed by planners and developers alike as an essential component of any serious project proposal. CGI's for planning applications in Devon.

It seems that the more planning officers see photo montages, the more they like them. It is undeniable that nothing brings a project to life like seeing photo real three-dimensional images of a development in its surrounding context. Not everybody is gifted with the ability to imagine complex 2D drawings of structures in three dimensions, but we can always give them a helping hand!

Planning authorities nowadays recognise and appreciate the value of photo montages for providing an accurate rendition of how the finished development will sit in its surroundings and the impact it will have on the immediate environment. As a result, they are becoming ever-more sought after, with some clients reporting that planning officers have gone so far as to request a photo montage as a core element of a planning application for a particularly delicate or complex site.

We take pride in the fact that, by rendering highly accurate Photo-montage imagery of a project proposal, we allow all parties to have a tangible sense of the finished development and to make good decisions about its execution. Whilst our clients' needs and wishes are paramount to us, we believe in delivering accuracy above all in our imagery, to keep all parties happy and to safeguard the integrity of our profession.

Commissioning a photo montage of your project is as simple as providing us with a few high-quality photographs of the site and the architectural drawings of your proposal. From this we will create a 3D-rendered model of your property and “drop” it into the existing site surroundings to provide a highly accurate impression of the finished development in context.

This approach is quicker to produce and therefore less costly than a full 3D architectural visualisation. Photo montages can be arranged and submitted in a matter of just a few days and yet provide a huge amount of visual information for planning officers who are considering your proposal.

To find out more and get ahead of the game before going to the planners, give us a call to talk through your project and we can look to provide you with some advice on the best way to present your project visually for maximum impact.

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