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Penarvor marketing suite - Brochure design for my development

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Front elevation CGI showing the development with the Bude sea view

The Penarvor Apartments in Bude, Cornwall has been visualised from the ground up – from the logo design, location film, brochure, external and interior CGIs, virtual tour and website – this is how we market a development. It all starts with the relationship we build with the client, getting alongside and capturing the excitement of their vision.

Our different departments communicate this same vision through the interior styling, brand and marketing. We worked closely with the client to release parts of the project to be used and posted on social media to build interest and anticipation before launch. Below we can see how Brochure design for my development can make all the impact.


Getting to know the development, location, client, site, vision and target market are crucial. This fact finding and research aids our creative sessions to start to visualise through type, icons and colours.

site development branding showing the logo designed


While the project is in progress, we think it is a great opportunity to draw interest from the site location. Using drone footage, we create a short edited film to introduce the development and lifestyle offered. Later, moving CGIs can be integrated onto tracked drone videography so they are seen in situ!


These are really special – being able to showcase a building by day and by dusk, with the idyllic weather conditions is what truly sells the potential lifestyle at its best. We work hard to make sure our images capture the best angles for the optimum representation of the views, aspect and orientation.

exterior terrace CGI showing the full scope of the views of the beach


To sell the space, our interior designer will suggest a design scheme to showcase the layout, space and potential style. This is crucial to be able to sell the lifestyle before a brick has been laid. The views are captured as they will be from each room, giving a true representation to potential buyers before build.

Interior CGI being designed by archilime to show the views of the penthouse

lovely interior CGI of hte master bedroom ensuite of the penthouse


The creation of the brochure and floorplans is an extension of the brand, the consistent thread running through the colour palette, typography and layout. This resource acts as a window into the quality and style of the development.

brochure mockup design for the project


A website was designed to be the first point of contact – a slick, accessible and user friendly interface to find out more information.

Website mockup showing the design of the website


Currently the site is ready for holiday makers and aspiring seaside dwellers to be drawn to the site with signs that introduce the upcoming development. The CGIs and brand come together to share the vision of what is to come, leading to the goal of selling the units off-plan.

Large hoarding that was erected on site to show the design of the development

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