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Aller Gardens; Marketing suite - Design and visualisation to sell off plan.

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Street scene CGI showing the site development street view


A success story selling property off-plan is Aller Gardens, a Belfield development in Kingskerswell, Devon. Two weeks ago we handed over the exterior and interior CGIs, brochure for the development, along with the company website we created having gone live the week before. Less than 14 days later, 20 of the 23 houses have been sold off plan before the house builds have been completed. We can achieve this by producing design and visualisation to sell off plan.


A collaborative effort between Belfield Developments themselves, Archilime Visualisations with the full marketing suite of materials, Complete – the sales agents and Grainge Architects working together to achieve amazing, measurable results.

The quality of the development is communicated in the copywriting, images, floor plan designs, brochure design and presentation on the website, which the team worked together to produce.

Company branding on some new business cards


At the start of the journey, time was taken to understand the clients’ vision, their values and hopes for this development, this set us up to be able to communicate this through all the mediums available to us in-house. Leading on from this was a branding project for the developers themselves – a company website that showcases the people behind the homes, setting them up to display a portfolio of their past and future developments.

Once the company identity was established, the development identity was created to fit within this brand, this time to communicate the style and location of this desirable village development. The bespoke icon, typography and colour palette lead the way to presenting this design-focused, attractive collection of houses.

Aller Gardens branding graphic


The CGIs, as always, are showstoppers, effectively visualising how the houses will look, long before site completion. The street scenes help to give an assuring feel for what the development will offer a buyer, to be able to envision one of the houses being their home.

The interiors we designed as a part of the visualisation process, help to convey this lifestyle too – showing the natural light, finishes and the quality of kitchen and bathrooms which are key selling points for buyers and a benchmark for quality.

Interior CGI showing the dining and kitchen space

Interior CGI showing the bathroom of plot 1


The outcome of the visual marketing tools are housed on the company website and brochure. Both of which have been designed with the same attention to detail and design that the developers convey in their build.

As well as producing beautiful imagery and designs, the aim is to market a property that sees results. This success story selling property off-plan is just the start of many we hope for Belfield Developments, and our other clients in the future!

Brochure mockup graphic showing the brochure design

Website mockup graphic showing the website design

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