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Glebe wedding venue

In transforming a barn into a sought-after wedding venue in Bude, Cornwall, Glebe House Cottages faced the unique challenge of entering a competitive market without a physical venue to show. Our solution? A collaboration that brought their vision to life through detailed interior and exterior CGI, before construction was even complete.




Glebe House Cottages



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Embarking on the Glebe House Cottages project, we encountered a landscape filled with both excitement and challenges. At the heart of our journey was the task of marketing a venue still under construction in a market teeming with established competitors. The vision was clear, but the path to realising it – less so. Without a physical space to tour, potential clients had to be captivated by the promise of what was to come, a challenge that demanded a creative and technical solution.

Our approach was one of close collaboration and innovation. From the outset, it was evident that traditional marketing strategies wouldn't suffice. We needed to bring the future venue to life, to allow people to see its beauty and potential, even before the first stone was laid. To achieve this, we turned to CGI as our medium, crafting interior and exterior visualisations that bridged the gap between imagination and reality.

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The process was intricate, requiring a deep understanding of architectural plans and a vision for their translation into three-dimensional space. We worked hand in glove with architects RA Rowe & Co, Oak frame designers Carpenter Oak, and the client, transforming 2D CAD drawings into vivid 3D models. This collaborative effort was not just about accuracy; it was about breathing life into the venue, about capturing the essence of what Glebe House Cottages would become.

As we navigated through the project, the challenges of design decision-making in the absence of a physical venue were met with our adaptive design strategy. We provided suggestions for interiors and landscapes, weaving in the client's vision with our expertise.

This flexible approach allowed for a dynamic design process, where even undetermined details could find a place in the evolving narrative of the venue.

The culmination of our journey with Glebe House Cottages was a suite of CGI that didn't just depict a venue but told its story. These visualisations became a cornerstone of the marketing strategy, offering potential clients a glimpse into the future, into a space where memories would be made.

The project stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and vision – a beacon for others navigating the complexities of marketing in the pre-build phase.

Portfolio brochure

Discover the complete visual and creative transformation of the Penarvor project by downloading our brochure below. View the collection of visualisation, design, and branding.  Download now to experience the full essence of our work.

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