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Carbis Bay

A unique new development in Carbis Bay, Cornwall offers house hunters a wide variety of homes ranging from 1 & 2 bedroom apartments to 2 to 5-bedroom houses built in an elegant and modern style, which will mirror the architecture found close by and also in the nearest town of Saint Ives.  


From terraced, semi-detached and detached new homes there will be something for everyone at this beautiful new development in Carbis Bay. 


Visualisation, Brochure, Inserts, Floor plans, Site plan




916 - 23 Carbis Bay, Cornwall - Phase 02 - Plot14B - REV01 - LOW.jpg

In collaboration with Harrington Homes, we proudly present our comprehensive digital marketing package tailoured for the stunning Carbis Bay housing development in Cornwall.

This package encompasses a rich array of assets, including full sets of exterior CGI's, street scene CGI's, a meticulously crafted brochure, inserts, floor plans, and an informative site plan.

This digital marketing package serves as a visual masterpiece meticulously designed to captivate potential buyers. The immersive exterior and street scene CGI's provide a vivid preview of the envisioned community, igniting interest and imagination.


The brochure, inserts, and floor plans, on the other hand, offer a detailed exploration of each house type, ensuring buyers are well-informed and excited about their potential new home.

916 SS3 - JPEG Mid Quality.jpg

Property CGI

For Harrington Homes, this digital marketing package is a strategic investment with several advantages.


Crafting the brochure and inserts for all house types ensures a consistent and cohesive presentation across the project, producing a professional and unique brand image for the client.


Continuity in design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also streamlines the buyer's journey, making information easily digestible and visually compelling.

Our frequent collaboration with Harrington Homes has allowed us to amass a treasure trove of key assets, including house-type models and design materials.

This reservoir of resources can be repurposed for future projects, offering significant cost and time savings.


Reusing these assets not only ensures consistency in branding but also accelerates the marketing process for subsequent developments.

A3 fold out v3 SquareMockUpV2.jpg

Tip: Leverage the power of digital marketing to tell a compelling visual story about your development.


High-quality CGI's, informative brochures, and engaging digital content can significantly enhance your project's appeal and resonate with your target audience.

Tip: Consistency is key in presenting your brand. Ensure that your digital marketing material, especially brochures and inserts, maintain a consistent design language.


This not only enhances the overall aesthetics but also reinforces your brand identity, creating a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Portfolio brochure

Discover the complete visual and creative transformation of the Carbis Bay project by downloading our brochure below. View the collection of visualisation, design, and branding.  Download now to experience the full essence of our work.

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