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Armada Way

Armada Way marks the next exciting phase in Plymouth City's regeneration journey. We collaborated closely with Studio Agora, the architects, to produce a series of stunning exterior architectural CGI's for Plymouth City Council, including two main aerial photomontages that beautifully depict the entire project in its full glory.

Our Services

Visualisation, 3D Design Development

Our Clients

Plymouth City Council, Studio Agora



982 - 23 Armada Way Plymouth - AerialNight - REV02.jpg

the transformative Armada Way regeneration project in the heart of Plymouth City Centre. Our skilled team has meticulously crafted a series of exterior eye-level CGI's that offer a vivid, lifelike preview of the vibrant atmosphere this regeneration aims to bring.

From the bustling daytime energy to the enchanting allure of the city lights at night, our 2x aerial photomontages showcase Armada Way from distinct perspectives.

One, a breathtaking daytime view from the north, extends towards the expansive ocean, while the other captures the city's nighttime charm, radiating from the south and reaching toward the city center.

See the journey that illuminates the exciting possibilities and dynamic transformation that Armada Way holds for Plymouth, promising a future that seamlessly blends modernity with the city's life.

982 - 23 Armada Way Plymouth - AerialDay - REV02.jpg

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